HALF DAY  GUIDED TOUR  AT SUSAFA FARMHOUSE MEDITTERRANEAN FOOD  EXPERIENCE IN THE  SICILIAN  DEEP COUNTRY TRADITION OSPITALITY  Where we are and Susafa history An half day country tour strolling around in the secret Sicilian countryside at the  Susafa farmhouse,  in the heart of deep and ancient Sicily, immersed in the  yellow foothills of the Madonie […]

New Year’s Eve Dinner for our guests in Palermo

  New Year’s Eve  dinner is the  elegant and engaging way to greet the new year 2020. The most magical night of the year is coming, and a very elegant evening tailor made for you, concentrated on our sicilian terroir is the best way to greet 2019 and welcome 2020 To celebrate this important evening, we are […]

The legend of the Moor’s Head – Testa di Moro

The “Testa di Moro” or Moor’s Head  is a characteristic object of the Sicilian tradition. It is a hand-painted ceramic vase used as an ornament that depicts the face of a Dark man usually accompanied by a young woman. But what do they represent? What is the story of “Moro”’s Heads?Now we tell you the […]

Ottobre a Palermo tra festival, eventi e mostre.

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The most important festival for Palermo

Palermo is in turmoil, the most important festival for the city of Palermo is approaching, on July 14th we celebrate “La Santuzza”. The program of the 395th Feast of Santa Rosalia Palermo (here the complete program) was presented, Patroness of the city, which this year has as its theme “Uneasiness”. During the presentation, the model […]

Where can i eat today? Lost in Palermo….

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Rooftop Wine Tasting

At  BB22 Charming Rooms and Apartment we never get bored, but above all we want to enrich your stay with experiences that you will bring home in your best memories. This is why we decided to organize a tasting of natural Sicilian wines in our beautiful terrace, with particular attention to Etna’s terroir. All the selection are […]

Musei gratis a Palermo

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Best beaches near Palermo

All day to visit churches, museums, historic buildings … but don’t forget to be on an island! Treat yourself to a relaxing bath in the waters of the Palermo coast or relax on the beach. There are about 150 km of coastline, from Castellammare to Pollina and beautiful landscapes, uncontaminated environments, natural beaches and fashionable […]

Palermo in un giorno, ne vale il viaggio.

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