The Mediterranean Diet, designated as an intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO, is much more than a question of cooking.
It is the synthesis of practices, skills, crafts, knowledge and flavors that the peoples of the Mediterranean have recreated over the centuries around the culture, collection, conservation, preparation and convivial consumption of food. In that fantastic open-air theater that is still today the Mediterranean landscape between islands, sea and land.
Eating together has over the centuries been one of the pillars of the cultural identity of the peoples bordering the Mediterranean. But above all, a healthy and eco-sustainable lifestyle.

In our exclusive workshop, we will try to tell this story of cultural mixes, we will visit the historical market, the space where this story is staged every day, we will rediscover the origins by visiting the archaeological museums, we will taste the authentic flavors and spicy aromas, we will cook and tell the roots of Mediterranean culture, the values ​​of the diet, hospitality, knowledge, landscapes, in a word, the lifestyle that UNESCO has included among the assets of humanity.

At Palazzo Moncada, a historic residence facing the splendid Piazza S. Domenico, we enter the welcoming kitchen of the BB22 Charming rooms & Apartments where the hostess Patrizia Marchetti will entertain us for an informal cooking class. After shopping at the Vucciria stalls, we will return to the kitchen to discover the secrets of home made Sicilian pasta: baked anelletti, bucatini with sardines, busiate con lanciova or pasta alla Norma.
Finally, a dessert of the Sicilian tradition, cannoli or citrus fruit jelly, accompanied by a glass of selected Sicilian wine.

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9.30 - 13.00

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