Best beaches near Palermo

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All day to visit churches, museums, historic buildings … but don’t forget to be on an island! Treat yourself to a relaxing bath in the waters of the Palermo coast or relax on the beach.

There are about 150 km of coastline, from Castellammare to Pollina and beautiful landscapes, uncontaminated environments, natural beaches and fashionable shores. Choose the one that’s right for you!


  • Mondello beach


Ancient bathing establishment of Mondello – Charleston

At 11 km from BB22 Charming Rooms, lies Mondello; the seaside village famous for its long stretch of white sand and turquoise waters set between Monte Gallo and Monte Pellegrino. It is the place where the Palermo people go to the sea, which in the years has become the center of nightlife in the evening. The beach, especially in high season, is always quite crowded. If you go there we advise you to choose one of the equipped beaches to relax on a sun lounger and in the shade of an umbrella.

  • The Addaura
    Before Mondello, to the south-east, this town that offers visitors several coves that flow into the crystal-clear sea. If you love diving, this is the place for you. Don’t miss a visit to the Grotto of the Addaura, a complex of three caves inhabited since the Paleolithic.
  • Arenella beach
    It is located in VergineMaria and is one of the urban beaches of Palermo about 5 km from the center, at the foot of Monte Pellegrino. Developed around the Tonnara Florio during the 1800s, this small village is one of the reference points for those who go to the sea in Palermo. Beach not equipped.
  • Isola delle Femmine
    At 500 meters from the Palermo coasts this is a small island which is a nature reserve managed by the Italian Bird Protection League, and is currently on sale for just over one million euros. On the mainland instead you will find a place where the sea is particularly clean and transparent with shallow waters and also suitable for children. Beach equipped with paid beaches.


  • Capo Gallo 

Capo Gallo Natural Reserve

This natural reserve is the place where the dwarf palm grows and there is no beach, but only rocks and a fabulous sea. It is accessed by paying a symbolic sum of a few euros, but in these parts the seabed gives a spectacle of marine fauna, including lobster. Ideal therefore for trekking (you can also reach the lighthouse) and for snorkeling

  • Sferracavallo: it is a seaside village full of excellent fish restaurants at a price, more or less, fixed. The Baia del Corallo, is located near the establishment of the Navy, with an emerald green landscape. On the southern coast, instead, there is Barcarello with its coral reef and its limestone quay on the surface of water.
    Then continuing towards Trapani, you enter the Gulf of Castellammare and about twenty minutes after Palermo you will meet:
  • Terrasini: the rocks are reddish with white veins and Cala Rossa stands out, or Magaggiari, sandy beach with equipped beach. From this side you can admire a splendid sunset.
  • Trappeto: Ciammarita beach boasts sand for several meters, the sea is calm in the morning but often moved in the afternoon.
  • Balestrate: due to the currents, the water in the area is often colder and the name derives from the crossbow, which in the Norman period was used for a shot from the coast to the hinterland. Long sandy beach with equipped beaches


Going instead towards Catania / Messina

Sea of ​​Cefalù and view of the town.

  • Cefalu
    About an hour from Palermo (also easily reachable by train there is Cefalù. Dominated by a spike of rock, under which there is also an enchanting medieval village with a Byzantine cathedral, close to the sea, it is among the most loved by tourists, above all, foreigners, who particularly love its beautiful beaches. It is worth mentioning the beach of the waterfront, with its long stretch of fine sand and shallow water, which makes it suitable for families. If you prefer pebbles and rocks, you could opt for Caldura beach or Sant’Ambrogio beach, both within walking distance of the historic center. Nearby, however, are: the windy Cape Playa, 15 km long and especially loved by surfers; the Salinelle beach, more frequented by those who practice windsurfing; Mezzoforno, with several sand or pebble coves; or the quieter beach of Finale di Pollina.

To reach all these places, ask us for information, you can get there by public transport (and a little patience) or independently by renting a car or private driver.

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