The most important festival for Palermo


Palermo is in turmoil, the most important festival for the city of Palermo is approaching, on July 14th we celebrate “La Santuzza”.
The program of the 395th Feast of Santa Rosalia Palermo (here the complete program) was presented, Patroness of the city, which this year has as its theme “Uneasiness”.
During the presentation, the model of the Triumphal Chariot was unveiled, on a scale of 1 to 10, designed by set designer Fabrizio Lupo and realized, for the first time in history, in the Ucciardone Housing Company, in collaboration with the organization’s workers VM Agency Group, the inmates and students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo, with the coordination of the tutor Alessia D’Amico.

Absolute novelty of this edition, the group of extracommunal volunteers who traditionally draws the Triumphal Chariot during the Parade will also join the inmates who will participate in the artistic performance that will take place near Porta Felice.

As usual the celebrations of Santuzza will begin with the events of the Corollary Demonstrations that will take place from July 10th to 13th (here the complete program): among these the inaugural event, the “Offer of the Wax” coordinated by the Diocese of Palermo, that from Piazza Pretoria, gathering all the 120 Brotherhoods invited in a single procession, will reach the Cathedral.

And again the Festinello, with protagonists the actors-inmates who for years have been following the Course of the Theater Laboratory of the Ucciardone, led by Lollo Franco, and the group of the Academy of Fine Arts coordinated by the teacher Valentina Console. Among the most significant moments of the July 14 program, at the Royal Palace Plan, is the great show that will symbolically recall the birth of Rosalia, with the participation, after last year’s success, of the Fura dels Baus company.

The Catalan company will be the protagonist, also, to the Quattro Canti with an unpublished air performance in Italy, which will be presented in Palermo in national premiere after the world premiere in Korea.

On the Cathedral Plan, instead, for the first time in the artistic cast of the Festino the company Transe Express, pioneers of street art who, since their debut in 1982, have performed in 50 countries on different continents, with a performance that will be a “dialogue between heaven and earth”, always here another dialogue will be the protagonist for the first time, the one between the Saint and the Genius of Palermo who represents the City.

The day after the feast, on July 15 there will be the usual religious procession (here the complete program).

The 2019 edition also wants to pay special attention to women: in this context, the “Festino e dintorni” photo contest, created by Letizia Battaglia, was launched which, on September 4, will award the most significant photo taken during the celebrations of 2019.

For more information and advice on where to attend the most important party in Palermo, ask the BB22 Team

Source: Balarm

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