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Historical residences and villas

Historical residences and villas

The Utveggio Castle

Located on Monte Pellegrino, at an altitude of 346 metres, it was built in 1934 in a pseudo-Sicilian style, initially designed as a hotel by order of Cavaliere Michele Utveggio.

Villa Castelnuovo

The villa was refurbished, after 1768, by Gaetano Cottone e Morso who made it a field of experimental cultivation, followed in his work by his son Carlo, who built the pavilions of the Institute for Agricultural Sciences, in 1819.

Villa Falcone-Morvillo

L’ex villa Garibaldi, oggi intitolata ai magistrati Giovanni Falcone e Francesca Morvillo, nasce come parterre del Giardino Inglese, progettato anch’esso dall’architetto Giovan Battista Basile. I due giardini si trovano di fronte e sono separati da via Libertà.

Villa Filippina

Built in 1755 at the behest of Don Angelo Serio, an art-loving priest belonging to the Congregation of St. Filippo Neri, Villa Filippina is characterised by a vast quadrangular space, enclosed on three sides by 140 metre long porticoes, over which runs a walkable terrace.

Villa Igiea

Built in neo-Gothic style at the end of the XIX century as a private villa by the English admiral Cecil Domville, it was later purchased by the Florio family, and Ignazio Florio gave it the name of his daughter, Igiea.

Villa Malfitano

The Villa covers about 8 hectares and consists of a building and a park. It was built between 1886 and 1889, with a neo-Renaissance project by architect Ignazio Greco.